Advanced Analytics

Novetta means “10 to the 27th power, or a billion, billion, billion” and reflects our big data heritage and ability to solve problems of massive scale, complexity, and national significance. Our technologies and solutions all tie to advanced analytics at speed and scale as we have been working with some of the world’s largest data sets for customers who demand secure, data-driven decisions.

Technology and Talent

At Novetta we have super smart technologists from a broad spectrum of disciplines who employ fresh approaches to help our customers overcome their greatest challenges. The significance of our work, our commitment to continuous innovation, and the opportunity to work with the latest tools and technology enable us to attract and retain incredibly talented professionals.

Our technologies are often disruptive, solving particularly tough problems not addressed by other enterprise offerings. But, we are committed to open source development, open APIs and standardized hardware helping our customers leverage their existing enterprise investments. Whether it’s solving a security or intelligence problem of national significance or providing customer insights that spark business growth, we deliver.

Our History

Novetta has deep roots supporting the US government’s national security mission with a heritage that includes more than 25 years of real-world success in big data. A leader in developing some of the world’s most advanced analytics solutions and driving the technology renaissance in government, Novetta has a history of providing mission-critical solutions to national security customers and the intelligence community. With the convergence of commercial and national security priorities, we are applying our technology to help corporations protect their networks, reduce risk, and make data-driven decisions.