Despite billions spent on enterprise cyber security, breaches from advanced attacks, costing millions, are occurring on a daily basis.

Our Solution

Complete Near Real-time Network Security Visibility and Awareness: If security analysts could see everything occurring on their network in real-time, breaches would occur but there would never be catastrophic damage – breach reaction would be almost instantaneous. Novetta Cyber Analytics is a linchpin enterprise security solution that enables security analysts, for the first time, to see a complete, near real-time, uncorrupted picture of their entire network. Security analysts then ask and receive answers to subtle questions – at the speed of thought – to enable detection, triage and response to breaches as they occur.


The Benefits

  • Increase events-responded-to an estimated 30X over.
  • Substantially reduce or eliminate damage from breaches.
  • Create a dramatically more effective and efficient security team.
  • Maximize current security infrastructure investment.
  • Be far more confident that your network is actually secure.

Our Differentiators

    • Understands the truth of what is happening on your network. SIEMs attempt to detect attacks based on events and logs produced by hosts. However, advanced attackers change events and logs to cover their tracks. So, while SIEMs are useful, they collect, correlate and alert on inherently untrustworthy information. The only way to truly understand what is happening on your network is to enable complete visibility of the ground truth: network traffic.


    • Detects advanced attacks that have breached perimeter defenses. With enough time and resource, an advanced attacker will find a way in – and out – of any perimeter defense relying on machine automation. However, by definition, a hacker must cross a network to do anything. Novetta Cyber Analytics queries network traffic to detect attackers as they move laterally across a network and can even detect bad actors using low and slow port scanning techniques for reconnaissance before they breach.


    • Develops a complete, near real-time understanding of suspicious behaviour. Other PCAP-based network security solutions, including netflow-based offerings and security analytics / forensics tools, do not provide the correct, enough, or on-time data for useful work in a constant attack environment. Netflow was designed to monitor network traffic flow, not suspicious security behavior, while security analytics / forensics tools provide too much information, leading to queries that take hours to complete, if ever. Novetta Cyber Analytics utilizes intelligently selected, security-specific, contextually enriched metadata with near instant drill down to stored PCAP, empowering analysts with exactly the right information when they need it.


    • Develops a battleground understanding of your entire security situation. No other tool provides so much information, when and as they need it, to entire security teams. And with built-in tagging, analysts can even share their thoughts and suspicions with other team members within the tool, enabling collaboration between all Tier 1, 2 & 3 analysts as well as different shifts. This overall knowledge gain has enabled teams using it to go from reactive to completely pro-active, picking and choosing which actors and events to respond to, on their own time.


    • Augments current security solutions. Utilizing open APIs, Novetta Cyber Analytics flows directly into current workflows of teams utilizing SIEMs, IDS’s, etc. Also, these tools slow attackers down, and force them to provide clues to Novetta Cyber Analytics to enable breach detection.


  • Proven speed, scale and effectiveness on the largest, most attacked networks on earth. Novetta Cyber Analytics was developed for the US Department of Defense to solve exactly the same problem that enterprises are encountering today: an inability to stop advanced persistent attacks, even after purchasing all the “right” tools. It is now the cornerstone tool used at the heart of our nation’s cyber security defense. Handling hundreds of gigabits per second of network data, it’s speed, scale and effectiveness is unprecedented.