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There’s no exact formula, persona, or profile that makes a Novettan. Our employees’ multifaceted backgrounds, skillsets, and passions – in and out of the office – create the heart of Novetta’s culture. That’s why we offer them the best benefits and opportunities for growth. Our Novetta Communities celebrate our diversity and our robust internship program lays the groundwork for the future of advanced analytics.

…empowering and accommodating. I have always felt empowered by my managers to grow in my career. Flexible scheduling and remote work options allows me to be committed to both my young family and Novetta without worry.”
– Jamie

…meaningful. Novetta’s customers, their missions, and our work for them directly impact national security and makes for extremely rewarding work.”
– Justin

…great! If you want variety in your work, this is definitely the place to be..”
– Theresa

…employee focused. Novetta’s employee care goes beyond a paycheck and great benefits. It’s a genuine desire, substantiated by tangible action, to ensure that each team member has what they need to build the most fulfilling career experience possible!”
– Brandon

…Fun. Novetta is big enough to offer all kinds of great events, but small enough that your voice can really make a difference and help shape company culture.”
– Matt

…rewarding. I manage some of the most technically challenging programs in the business. Being a part of such a diverse business coupled with an awesome culture and benefits, makes Novetta a place to be proud of.”
– Laura

“…inspiring. Watching my fellow employees, who are the best and the brightest across the industry, provides me with consistent motivation to push the envelope for my own customers.”
– Joe

“…impactful. Our technology enhances the security of the United States. Novetta’s culture reinforces a “proceed until apprehended” mindset, permitting experimentation and collaboration at entry level – that’s what sets Novetta apart.”
– Emilio


Mission: We bridge the gap between what our customers can currently do and what they aspire to achieve by solving problems of national significance.

Vision: To be the recognized leader in technology-enabled services, solving complex technical and analytic challenges for the National Security and Defense communities.

Focus: We help customers find clarity from complexity in dealing with massive disparate data sets that were never intended to be analyzed together.

  • We are a powerhouse of innovators creating, developing, and deploying cutting edge advanced analytics. Centered around innovation and collaboration, we pioneer disruptive technologies that push the limits of technology, finding solutions to enormous challenges.

  • We redefine the impossible. We deal with massive disparate data sets that were never intended to be analyzed together. We extract clarity from the complexity of our customers’ most challenging problems at the speed and scale required by the most intensive national security missions.

  • We passionately embrace the pivotal role we play for our customers, our communities, ourselves. It’s more than a job, it’s a mission.


Benefits & Perks

Our people make all the difference. We aim to help you thrive, keep you balanced, and propel you toward your ultimate goal, whether that’s in leadership or an advanced technical trajectory.

M​edical Coverage

Enviable health, dental, and vision insurance.

4​01k Matching

Prepare for the future with up to 10% company contribution.

Tuition & Training

Keep studying with tuition reimbursement and training programs.

Career Development

You set the goals, we commit to helping you achieve them.

F​lexible PTO

Generous paid time off allows flexibility and control.

V​oluntary Benefits

Build your own benefits package from FSAs, parental leave, pet insurance, and more.

W​ellness Programs

Earn points (and extra cash) for exercising, taking care of your body, mind, and budget.

​Referral Bonuses

Connect us with a potential hire — and get up to $10K when they join Novetta.

Hosted Events

Kick back with other Novettans at game nights and get-togethers.


Get a feel for the industry and make connections.

Veteran Support

Find support and peers in annual veteran events, 1-on-1 mentoring, and veteran-oriented volunteer opportunities.


Hackathons, Tech Talks, and Learning Workshops to connect with and learn from other Novettans.


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We don’t just offer jobs. At Novetta, we offer challenging work, opportunities to learn and grow, and a tech­ centric culture that encourages collaboration and innovation. We aim to find the greatness within your talents and crank up the power.

Who do you want to be? We’ll help get you there.


Leadership Development Program

Each year, our leadership program (LDP) trains an elite group of Novetta managers in the fundamental core competencies of leadership, developing effective company leaders for the future. This program is for those who are selected to enhance their leadership skills by learning from outside experts as well as the Novetta Executive team.

Technical Leadership Development Program

The Technical Leadership Development Program (Tech LDP) teaches technical leadership acumen to help employees reach senior technical roles. This program is structured around mentorship on the part of senior Novetta technical leads who bring unique experience, knowledge, and insights.

1027 Award

Innovation is one of Novetta’s core values. Our reputation and business success were built on the innovative work we’ve done for our customers, through which we constantly reinvent the art of the possible. One notable way that we encourage innovation among our employees is through our 10^27 Award, which recognizes excellence in IRAD execution and delivery. Winners get a cash reward, recognition, and the satisfaction of having turned a good idea into a meaningful capability.


Our leadership is committed to retaining the best of the best and NovettaPivot is just one more way we take care of our own. NovettaPivot offers high-performing employees the chance to search for new opportunities within the company. There is no need to say goodbye when you’re ready for a new challenge.

Novetta Workshops

Geek out with coworkers and friends at one of our Hackathons, Tech Talks, or Workshops. Eat, drink, win prizes, and engage in collaborative computer programming to show how far an idea can go with some hard work and imagination. Our events focus on data science, visualization, machine learning, and other emerging technology areas.


Novetta’s diversity, equity, and inclusion group provides a forum for our employees to cultivate a sense of unity in our Novetta family. Together we celebrate and respect differences, foster understanding, and embrace what makes our employees unique.

We recognize the transition to the civilian workforce can be challenging. Our NovettaVets program provides one-on-one mentoring and facilitates open communication on topics of interest in Veteran affairs.

Networking and knowledge sharing lead to project collaboration and peer mentoring. We have a network of women supporting each other as they strive to reach their professional goals in the technology industry.

A community of early-career Novettans, this group focuses on building professional skill and personal development. We’re supporting the next generation of Novettans as they navigate the first few years of their career.

Leadership Development Program
Class of 2020

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Internship Program

Novetta provides paid internships to college students seeking to apply their academic background and training in a professional environment. Our internships are much more than a summer job – they are valued positions that provide real-world experience as part of an integrated delivery team.


Focus Areas
•  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
•  Cyber, Entity, and Data Analytics
•  Data Science
•  Software Engineering
•  National Security
•  U.S. Intelligence Community
•  Department of Defense


During their time at Novetta, our interns work side-by-side with high-performing, experienced employees. Successful participants in our internship program often become full–time employees after graduation, transitioning to work in direct support of our intelligence and national security mission.


Novetta’s internship program provides participants with several benefits:

•  Gain valuable experience working with a technology-intensive advanced analytics company
•  Receive mentorship in areas of academic specialty
•  Work on challenging, rewarding projects in a field related to their studies and interests
•  Assist in refining courses of study upon return to school
•  Develop competencies necessary to excel professionally after graduation
•  Begin security clearance processing, where possible


Search our current openings using the keyword “internship” to see available opportunities!

Stick with us

Kevin Hunt, Intern Class of 2019

“I love interning for a company that values me regardless of my rank. The opportunity to contribute to real-world customer projects has been invaluable to my education.”

My time with Novetta has been so much more than an internship. At every turn, Novetta makes it clear that I am a highly-valued asset. I’m working in various fields of Data Science and Machine Learning while contributing to customer projects, gaining insight into the Intelligence Community, and serving my country. My work is fascinating, the people are wonderful, and it’s easy to see a future here with Novetta.

Brian Uri, Intern Class of 2000

“I came for the chance to contribute real code for real customers, and stayed for a career filled with smart people working together to solve problems that matter.”

I started my software engineering internship at one of Novetta’s legacy companies and was immediately immersed in a positive mentoring environment. Though “big data” has grown since then, Novetta employees are unchanged in their commitment to integrity, innovation, and technical excellence. Smart people all around me are pushing the state-of-the-art a little further each day, sometimes in steps and sometimes in leaps. This drive to work together and solve problems that matter is one of many reasons I’m still here today.

Alma Maters

Novetta interns come from a growing list of prestigious colleges and universities including the following:

•  Duke University
•  Florida State University
•  George Mason University
•  Harvard University
•  James Madison University
•  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
•  Old Dominion University
•  Princeton University
•  Rochester Institute of Technology

•  The College of William and Mary
•  University of Chicago
•  University of Florida
•  University of Maryland
•  University of Maryland – Baltimore County
•  University of Pennsylvania
•  University of South Florida
•  University of Virginia
•  Virginia Tech

Interns on the Blog

July 2020

June 2020

Named Entity Recognition: Graph Visualization

Evaluating Solutions for Named Entity Recognition


Novetta is committed to the hiring, professional development, and retention of U.S. service members and Veterans. We believe our nation’s heroes have the values and skills that make exceptional employees. Novetta’s President & CEO, Tiffanny Gates, is a former U.S. Navy Cryptologic Officer, and 33% of our employees have served in the military. Transitioning from the armed forces into civilian employment can be challenging and stressful – we’ve been there, and we’re here to support you.

In addition to this emphasis on hiring Veterans, we strive to provide long-term support. Our NovettaVETS employee program provides mentorship and leadership coaching, raises internal awareness of Veteran concerns, facilitates open communication on topics of interest in Veteran affairs, and raises funds to support Veteran charities.


DoD SkillBridge Fellowship Program

Novetta provides skills training and work experience to active service members while they receive military compensation and benefits. Learn more at the DoD SkillBridge Program website or apply here.

MSSA for Veterans

Novetta is a hiring partner of the MSSA, helping transitioning service members and Veterans develop critical skills required for high-demand careers in the tech industry. Learn more at the MSSA Academy website.

Hiring our Heroes

Novetta is an active partner of Hiring our Heroes (HOH), connecting Veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities. Learn more at the HOH website.


HIRE Vets Gold Award

We received our third consecutive HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Award from the U.S. Department of Labor in 2020. The only federal-level award of its kind, the HIRE Vets Medallion Award program recognizes organizations that demonstrate a commitment to hiring Veterans and helping them develop meaningful, long-term careers.

SHRM Foundation Veterans at Work Certification

Veterans are mission-oriented and bring a strong work ethic and diverse skill sets to the corporate workplace. Our “Veterans at Work” certified HR professionals are committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining talented Veterans.

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