Enterprise Solutions

Berico Technologies is now part of Novetta

Novetta acquired Berico Technologies in November 2018. Rooted in the alignment of mission, capabilities, and customers, Berico became the Enterprise Solutions division of Novetta. 

About Enterprise Solutions

Our interdisciplinary team of engineers and analysts solve tough challenges related to software development and IT modernization, cloud engineering and governance, and intelligence analysis. We have developed proven methods, tools, and reusable solutions to expedite delivery. Our technical, domain, and subject matter experts help our federal and commercial customers drive greater performance through innovative custom solutions and specialized services.

Image for Software Development & IT Modernization

Software Development & IT Modernization

With iteratively developed wireframes and UI-driven design, we build modular, cloud-native solutions using microservices to deliver highly scalable and interoperable software. All our software is developed with Amazon Web Services, using frameworks like ReactJS, Spring, and .NET Core. Our teams follow Agile Scrum process framework to deliver working software iterations every two weeks and practice DevSecOps using Jenkins to automate our entire build process. We secure applications, remove vulnerabilities, and accredit solutions under Government A&A Frameworks.
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Cloud Engineering & Governance

AWS Certified Cloud Engineers work directly with customers to utilize Amazon Web Services Commercial Cloud, GovCloud, and Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) to assist with large-scale data migration to the cloud, operations, network configuration & reference architectures, automation/tooling, optimization, and oversight/monitoring. We modernize legacy and cloud-native architectures so our customer can leverage Cloud managed services. These services enhance application performance, scalability, and reliability in addition to delivering increased cost-savings to maximize ROI.
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Intelligence Analysis

Our analysts and engineers leverage user-centric design to deliver relevant analytic services, ranging from targeting support to political military analysis for strategic decision makers. We also conduct cyber war games as a means for unit leadership to better understand the cyber operational environment and provide insights about operations and policies.

Mature Engineering Processes & Reusable Solutions

All of our processes and solutions are modular and reusable. We hit the ground running when it comes to modernizing legacy systems, cloud engineering, and application development. We have a suite of reusable components that are ready to use, including the following solutions.


Decision-makers need access to comprehensive, real-time cloud expenses in order to manage risk and maintain accountability. We designed a solution for government agencies that are leveraging the cloud as part of their modernization strategy. CloudTracker is a provider-agnostic cloud-native web application. This unique tool provides up-to-the-hour programmatic, cost, utilization, and optimization data for the cloud. CloudTracker does the heavy lifting to help decision-makers aggregate and analyze cloud usage data with unprecedented transparency and fidelity. Simply adjust the context to view data for the whole enterprise or drill down to individual applications using interactive charts and graphs.


CLAVIN is an award-winning open source software package for document geoparsing and resolution. It automatically extracts location names from unstructured text and resolves them against a gazetteer to produce data-rich geographic entities. CLAVIN is fast, accurate, and scalable to accommodate big data in the cloud. CLAVIN combines various open source tools with natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract and resolve geospatial entities while reconciling misspellings, alternate names, and ambiguous references. By enriching documents with structured geodata, CLAVIN enables low-cost, advanced geospatial analytics on massive volumes of text. CLAVIN is available on GitHub.


Flat File, Multi-Domain Content Management Solution (CMS)

This tool is an architecture for building, authoring, publishing, and managing multi-domain, flat-file content management systems (CMS). Our flat file CMS relies on text files placed in a version control system instead of requiring a database backend like traditional dynamic server driven websites. This lean design lends itself well to creating a serverless, highly scalable, cloud-native knowledge base with maximum performance. Our flat file CMS uses Lektor, a flexible and powerful static CMS engine written in Python and Node.js software languages. It functions as a static website generator. Lektor has an integrated admin page which provides editors with a user interface (UI) in order to create content using HTML, JS, CSS, and Markdown. Content is stored under version control and can be published to any simple, web accessible container, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3).



Skywriter is a continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation framework that interfaces with DevSecOps tools such as Jenkins, Git, Nexus, and others. Skywriter is comprised of a pluggable command line interface (CLI) designed to simplify DevSecOps tasks using frameworks like Ansible and CloudFormation. Skywriter can install and integrate an entire CI/CD tool suite, and/or interface with existing tools such as those in the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E). Plugins also provide access to helper functions that interface with a wide variety of tools. This makes DevSecOps best practices, tasks, and tooling easier to setup, configure, and use. Centralizing these actions via a single CLI and automating repetitive tasks significantly cuts down on the amount of time to start new projects and deliver working software.