Internship Program

Novetta provides paid internships on a competitive basis to college students seeking to apply their academic background and training in a professional environment. Our internships are much more than a summer job – they are valued positions that provide real-world experience as part of an integrated delivery team.


During their time at Novetta, our interns work side by side with high-performing, experienced employees. Successful participants in our internship program often become full–time employees after graduation, transitioning to work in direct support of our intelligence and national security mission.

Novetta’s internship program provides participants with several benefits:

•  Gain valuable experience working with a technology-intensive advanced analytics company
•  Receive mentorship in areas of academic specialty
•  Work on challenging, rewarding projects in a field related to their studies and interests
•  Assist in refining courses of study upon return to school
•  Develop competencies necessary to excel professionally after graduation
•  Begin security clearance processing, where possible


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Come for an Internship, Stay for a Career

Kevin Hunt, Intern Class of 2019
“I love interning for a company that values me regardless of my rank. The opportunity to contribute to real-world customer projects has been invaluable to my education.”
My time with Novetta has been so much more than an internship. At every turn, Novetta makes it clear that I am a highly-valued asset. I’m working in various fields of Data Science and Machine Learning while contributing to customer projects, gaining insight into the Intelligence Community, and serving my country. My work is fascinating, the people are wonderful, and it’s easy to see a future here with Novetta.

Brian Uri, Intern Class of 2000
“I came for the chance to contribute real code for real customers, and stayed for a career filled with smart people working together to solve problems that matter.”
I started my software engineering internship at one of Novetta’s legacy companies and was immediately immersed in a positive mentoring environment. Though “big data” has grown since then, Novetta employees are unchanged in their commitment to integrity, innovation, and technical excellence. Smart people all around me are pushing the state-of-the-art a little further each day, sometimes in steps and sometimes in leaps. This drive to work together and solve problems that matter is one of many reasons I’m still here today.

Alma Maters

Novetta interns come from a growing list of prestigious colleges and universities including the following:

•  Duke University
•  Florida State University
•  George Mason University
•  Harvard University
•  James Madison University
•  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
•  Old Dominion University
•  Princeton University
•  Rochester Institute of Technology

•  The College of William and Mary
•  University of Chicago
•  University of Florida
•  University of Maryland
•  University of Maryland – Baltimore County
•  University of Pennsylvania
•  University of South Florida
•  University of Virginia
•  Virginia Tech

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