Ageon ISR

Improve and Speed Decision Making
for the Warfighter

By fusing live data from sensors, systems, operations, and open sources, we have created Ageon ISR, a real-time web application that delivers cutting-edge command and control capabilities while providing actionable intelligence to the commanders on the ground.




Image for US Army's Preferred C2 Solution

US Army's Preferred C2 Solution

Ageon ISR is the US Army’s multi-int PED and sensor C2 solution. Currently deployed across several US Army intelligence, surveillance and force protection systems, Ageon ISR provides a common, easy to use, user interface and direct access to the sensors and sensor data in real time.

Image for Strategic ISR PED for Command and Operation Centers

Strategic ISR PED for Command and Operation Centers

Through unique federation and synchronization services, Ageon ISR provides an intuitive web-based common operating picture to ingest operational and intelligence data while supporting hundreds of simultaneous operators and analysts across the network. Ageon ISR provides full collaboration through event and report sharing, integrated chat services, and remote sensor control.

Image for Airborne ISR PED

Airborne ISR PED

Ageon ISR’s airborne mission console provides a collaborative air-to-air and air-to-ground experience allowing analysts to plan, task and collect sensor data from airborne missions, processing data in real time, and share with other analysts on-board or on the ground through a common data link (CDL/TCDL).

Image for Commercial & International: Exportable Multi-Int Sensor C2 and ISR PED

Commercial & International: Exportable Multi-Int Sensor C2 and ISR PED

GeoSpera is an exportable and commercially released version of Ageon ISR and is widely deployed through both direct sale and foreign military sale. GeoSpera provides US coalition partners and foreign militaries with a next generation multi-int PED and sensor C2 capability for use in stand-alone operations or across the enterprise. GeoSpera also provides interoperability with Ageon ISR for true multi-national operational support.


Image for Resource: Ageon ISR Overview

Resource: Ageon ISR Overview

Real-time web application delivering cutting-edge command, control, and communications capabilities shared between platforms or tactical nodes fed into a global network to provide operators and analysts visualization, exploitation and forensic tools.