Ageon ISR

Improve and Speed Decision Making
for the Warfighter

By fusing live data from sensors, systems, operations, and open sources, we have created Ageon ISR, a real-time web application that delivers cutting-edge command and control capabilities while providing actionable intelligence to the commanders on the ground.


Multi-User Accessibility

Browser based and cloud compatible from single to many users across geographically dispersed areas.


Expandable C4ISR

Web-based enterprise PED – stand-alone or networked together. Can easily expand to ingest and process video, imagery, and multi-int data for processing, exploitation and dissemination.


Seamless Sensor Integration

Plug and play with video, imagery, radar and multi-int sensors and systems to provide the user with immediate access to data and to catalog and synchronize collected information for future use.


3D Visualization

Toggle between 2D and 3D views of the operating environment and terrain. Visualize sensor position, field of view, and field of regard. Support for GMTI track, GIS layer and air, ground and sea activity visualization. Support for video display over 3D terrain model.


Video Management Suite

Seamless processing, exploitation, and dissemination of video and metadata to support the warfighter. DoD MISB and NATO STANAG compliant.


Map Layer Drawing & Spatial Analysis Tools

Seamlessly create and share drawings and geospatial information across the network with native drawing tools. Create and share instantly across the network. All shapes, objects and layers are geospatially indexed and searchable.


Robust Archive and Forensic Search</span

Archive and correlate all video and data for a robust “look-back” capability. Uploaded multimedia assets are scanned and indexed to become fully discoverable. All archived data is discoverable through geospatial, temporal, and contextual queries.


Airspace & Maritime Vessel Tracking

Real-time surveillance of airspace and waterway traffic. Support for ADS-B enabled aircraft and AIS enabled watercraft. Visually display aircraft or vessel real-time position, track, and trajectory – monitor real-time tower-to-aircraft or port-to-watercraft communications.


Mobile Devise Support

Display video and images, create spot reports, capture local images and videos and then post and share across the network in near real time. Automates detection of device and bandwidth to ensure reliable delivery.



Image for US Army's Preferred C2 Solution

US Army's Preferred C2 Solution

Ageon ISR is the US Army’s multi-int PED and sensor C2 solution. Currently deployed across several US Army intelligence, surveillance and force protection systems, Ageon ISR provides a common, easy to use, user interface and direct access to the sensors and sensor data in real time.

Image for Strategic ISR PED for Command and Operation Centers

Strategic ISR PED for Command and Operation Centers

Through unique federation and synchronization services, Ageon ISR provides an intuitive web-based common operating picture to ingest operational and intelligence data while supporting hundreds of simultaneous operators and analysts across the network. Ageon ISR provides full collaboration through event and report sharing, integrated chat services, and remote sensor control.

Image for Commercial & International: Exportable Multi-Int Sensor C2 and ISR PED

Commercial & International: Exportable Multi-Int Sensor C2 and ISR PED

GeoSpera is an exportable and commercially released version of Ageon ISR and is widely deployed through both direct sale and foreign military sale. GeoSpera provides US coalition partners and foreign militaries with a next generation multi-int PED and sensor C2 capability for use in stand-alone operations or across the enterprise. GeoSpera also provides interoperability with Ageon ISR for true multi-national operational support.

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Image for COVID-19 Capabilities

COVID-19 Capabilities

During disaster response, knowing the location of personnel, vehicles, and equipment is critical to maintaining high safety standards and maximizing the effectiveness of first responders. Responding organizations often lack interoperability with local, state, and federal command centers, as well as with each other. Novetta works closely with the AWS Snowball and AWS Disaster Response teams to integrate Ageon ISR, Novetta’s C4ISR solution, with emerging loT and machine learning capabilities at the edge. Watch the AWS disaster response video to learn more.

More COVID-19 Capabilities


Image for Ageon ISR Overview

Ageon ISR Overview

• Full interoperability between sensors and systems
• Intuitive common operating picture
• Real-time delivery of full motion video and sensor data
• Local and remote sensor command and control
• Adaptable user interface with multilingual support
• Mobile applications for on-the-move command and control


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