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Whether your organization is taking its first cloud migration steps, analyzing cloud spend, deploying mission-critical workloads into classified cloud environments, or exploring the latest in cloud-based deep learning libraries, we have the cloud experience to solve your mission needs.

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AWS Solutions

Novetta is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, demonstrating our deep AWS expertise and our ability to solve our customers’ most complex cloud challenges. Novetta is one of only four APN Consulting Partners to hold both the AWS Government Competency and AWS Machine Learning Competency. With over 100 AWS certifications, our architects, developers, and system administrators deliver hands-on experience in all AWS Regions: commercial, GovCloud, Secret Commercial Cloud Services (SC2S), and Commercial Cloud Services (C2S).

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Next-Generation Cloud Innovation

New cloud capabilities are released on a near-daily basis, making maintaining expertise in the state-of-the-art a significant challenge. Novetta leverages our Advanced Tier partnership to get early exposure to the newest cloud-based machine learning libraries, edge devices, IoT hardware, and data analytics services. We test, prototype, and build proof-of-concept cloud solutions, exploring the art of the possible in applying cloud technologies to mission challenges. For example, using AWS IoT Greengrass, Novetta did extensive work pushing custom models to portable compute devices (such as the AWS Snowball Edge), ingesting and processing data to deliver immediate insights in the field.

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Big Data in the Cloud

By providing on-demand access to massive amounts of computing and storage, the cloud is a true enabler of big data analytics. We specialize in helping our customers leverage the power of the cloud to get true insights from Big Data. We are the engine behind some of the most critical and secure big data solutions in the federal government and have extensive experience building and optimizing data solutions for the cloud. Novetta is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, reflecting our commitment to open containerization technologies.


Novetta Entity Analytics in the AWS Marketplace

Novetta Entity Analytics for AWS is a multi-source data integration and entity resolution application backed by Amazon EMR. Novetta Entity Analytics delivers insight by combining data from disparate sources to produce a consolidated, 360-degree view of real-world entities. Novetta Entity Analytics performs large-scale data integration, entity resolution, and analysis to form multi-dimensional views of entities such as persons, organizations, locations, and events. Novetta Entity Analytics visualizes the complex relationships between these entities to enable analyst self-service.


CloudTracker provides cloud consumption transparency to application owners and executive decision makers through a cloud-native, auto-scaling, self-healing application. It is the authoritative source for all data related to an organization’s entire cloud footprint. CloudTracker serves as the foundation for an IC customer’s approach to achieving increased operational efficiency and decreasing total cost of ownership. CloudTracker calculates the result of critical architectural decisions by synthesizing utilization data produced by cloud-deployed systems, in connection with budgeting and forecast data. This level of detail mitigates risk and provides budget fidelity for migrating away from legacy infrastructure, drives cost efficiencies across the enterprise, and promotes optimized use of cloud resources.


Migrating C2S Workloads 

As a prime contractor for an Intelligence Community customer, Novetta has migrated 128 legacy applications to the cloud within the first year and a half of support, with another 35 in progress – far exceeding service levels. As our customer’s cloud broker, Novetta executes their IT governance mission across commercial and air-gapped clouds. Novetta teams work across the DoD and Intelligence Community to develop, field, and accredit dozens of workloads on C2S.


Large-scale Entity Resolution in the Cloud 

USG analysts and targeters require a consolidated view of everything known about an entity of interest, regardless of where the data comes from. Novetta developed a modular system to perform entity resolution at massive scale in C2S capable of resolving tens of billions of records for multiple entity types in less than 24 hours. Data loading, cleaning, and transformation is orchestrated by a serverless application using AWS Lambda, SQS, SNS, and S3. The correlation process uses a variety of complex, probabilistic entity resolution strategies managed and executed by Novetta Entity Analytics software.  The serverless ETL application reduced the cost to ingest data from $1300 to $0.55, a cost savings of 99.95%.


Rapid Deployment of Advanced Machine Learning Models

Novetta is using deep learning to automate advanced analytic pipelines for our customers. These new capabilities can identify important pieces of information across complex text, image, and video datasets – a challenge faced by many of our Defense and Intelligence Community customers. To enable rapid evaluation and deployment of state-of-the-art deep learning models, we developed Argo, a standardized, Docker-based model training and deployment pipeline. Argo enables models to be deployed as endpoints and, when used with Amazon SageMaker, it forms the foundation for us to deploy, scale, and manage our deep learning models in the cloud. Simplifying infrastructure setup through Docker and AWS allows our data scientists to focus on creating the best models possible without having to manage cloud resources.

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