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Novetta’s DevSecOps engineers bring cross-functional skillsets in solution development, security accreditation, and system operations. We continually seek efficiencies within our Agile solution engineering methodologies to accelerate the delivery of innovative capabilities. We deliver automation and optimization by scripting deployments, standardizing platform and infrastructure offerings, and virtualizing legacy hardware. Each technique saves time, effort, and resources that can be refocused on mission priorities.

Solution Development  •  Security Accreditation  •  Systems Operations

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Novetta designs, builds, secures and operates applications and systems for its federal customers – from the fully unclassified to the highly compartmented, from completely on-premise to fully cloud enabled. No matter what the destination network or application use case, our applications, tools and systems are built from the ground up with security in mind. We go beyond utilizing DevSecOps inside Agile/SCRUM, holistically integrating RMF and the body of evidence into code with CI/CD in mind.


Our technologies have been accredited using NIST 800-53, ICD 503, JSIG and other modern RMF derivatives, and are all operated in a continuous monitoring framework for all of the major agencies and MILDEPs. Novetta provides highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, ISSMs, ISSEs and domain experts – and can embed our SMEs in your development project or operations effort to achieve maximum success while shepherding your IT effort through the myriad of connectivity, approval and authorization processes.



Novetta uses Kubernetes to deploy and manage containerized workloads and services. Kubernetes orchestrates and scales compute, networking, and storage infrastructures, automating and simplifying deployment. Novetta’s Certified Kubernetes Administrators work with open source software to help customers achieve infrastructure-layer flexibility and container stack security.

Working from the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design baseline, our engineers directly support dozens of DoD enterprise customers with state-of-the-art Kubernetes deployments as follows:

– Deploying Kubernetes to sensitive, air-gapped cloud environments
– Deploying PlatformOne pipelines on top of Kubernetes clusters
– Deploying Kubernetes clusters on a hybrid architecture (cloud and on-prem) using Rancher’s RKE solution on DISA STIG-compliant EC2 instances and servers
– Deploying Kubernetes clusters on the edge, running on ARM-based small single-board computers including Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nanos

For Novetta Mission Analytics, we use both EKS and AKS solutions to host our SaaS applications and reduce administrative complexity.

We continually research new distributions and identify new capabilities that can enhance the security and compliance of Kubernetes clusters through our DevSecOps Center of Excellence.

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